Summer Escape

The sweet days of summer filled with memories made with friends. Times spent around the camp fire enjoying great conversation, drinks, and toasted marshmallows. The nights spent star gazing, as each individual tries to find constillations, plants and shooting stars. Summer escapes rejuvenate the mind and body as we leave busy cities to enjoy the quiet solitude of forests and national parks.


The days grow shorter and the nights colder. Weekend getaways become less as we prepare for fall. Camp grounds close and cottages are prepared to be locked up until the next spring. Oh how I will miss the sweet summer escapes.



Lancaster GreenHouse by .:M.Law:. *comes with everything you see here nestled into a rezz box*


Cassia Glamping Set PG [mesh]  (featured items Tent, Hanging Lanterns, Camping Chair Green + Blanket, Camping Chair Brown + Blanket, Camping Chair Red + Blanket, Nightstand White, and Bed White PG; also comes with chairs without blankets in all three colours, night stands in brown, and bed in brown) by Trompe Loeil


Secret Garden (featuring Messy Bed, Enchanted Shelf, and Wooden Glass House Rare) by *ionic*

Vintage Stars Set (featuring Stars Wood Puf, Stars Vase, Stars Cabinet, and Stars Basket) by Serenity Style

Betsy mini set (featuring mirror, dresser, and rug) by [Brixley]

Spring Chic Set by Serenity Style *comes with shelf, bench, and flowering pot*

Old Saybrook Set (featured items Old Saybrook Sconce, Old Saybrook Art, Amisha’s Old Saybrook Chair Striped, Amisha’s Old Saybrook Chair White, Amisha’s Old Saybrook Table Accessories , Amisha’s Old Saybrook Table, Old Saybrook Daybed Accessories, Old Saybrook Daybed Chest, and Hemp Rug; also comes with Old Saybrook Daybed and Old Saybrook Daybed Canopy) by :CP:

Caffe Di Milano Set (featuring Milano Caffe Sign, Milano Caffe Menu Frame, Milano Caffe Chair ok, Milano Caffe Menu, Milano Caffe Cup, Milano Muffins, and Milano Caffe Table) by Serenity Style

Antique Kitchen Set (featuring Antique Cupboard, Antique Bucket, Antique Beans Box, Antique Flour Box, Antique Fruit Basket, Antique Salt Box, Antique Baskets, and Antique Chest) by Serenity Style


Jake’s Messy Garden Set (PG) (featuring Jake’s Tall Lantern,  Jake’s Short Lantern, Jake’s Garden Table, Jake’s Rug, Hanging Rope Candle – Jake’s Boho, Jake’s Messy Garden Sofa (PG), Jake’s Shelf, Jake’s Rope Frame Picture,  Jake’s Gardening Books, Jake’s Plant Pots, Jake’s Birdhouse, and Jake’s Garden Lean-To ~has a menu for the pennants and lights) by :CP:



Garden Tree06 – dark brown(olive) b by HPMD

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange b by HPMD

Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a by HPMD

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange c by HPMD

(claw mark) Garden Tree06 – dark brown(dg) a by HPMD

Garden Tree08 with Lights – orange a by HPMD

Garden Tree07 – green b by HPMD


(Sculpt)Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*b by HPMD

(Sculpt)Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*b by HPMD


Sunlight(2014) – b by HPMD


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