Watching the Picture Show

While I am stuck indoors because of rain falling outside, I reminded of calmness and gratitude. I embrace the falling rain as it provides nurishment for growing plants. I seek out the familiar and calming sounds as the rain strikes the roof and windows. Today as the rain fell, I watched an old slide show; reminding where I came from and where I am now. I watched as image after image crossed the screen and I was reminded of what really matters in my life. I listened to the rain and continued to watch the flickering screen. I laughed and I cried. I recalled the people I have met along the way and the special place they now hold within my heart. I love rain days.

Enjoying the Picture Show

Featuring Items:

Screen and Projector by Kaerri

Hexagon Picture, Wall Shelves, Atomic Light, Yucca, Vase trio, Coffee Table, Hexagon Rug, Chair 2, Couch, and Chair 1 by Kaerri

Calhan Nest Pouffe A by :CP:

Shoreline Cottage by { Greymoon Designs }

For information on what I am wearing:

See Forgive My Unresponsiveness.

Overall Opinion:

I absolutely love this set! The minute I pulled it out of the packaging I knew this was what the lone empty room in my home was needing. Everything about it screams modern and playful. Most importantly it is unique and I absolutely love unique items. I admire the details in each piece of this set and the film projector and the screen are an added addition. I love that you can change the images in the screen to make it more personal.


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