Something About Jack!

Today I wandered about an eerie place, finding spooks and ghouls around every corner. Terrifying sites laid out before me as I past corpses and wondered what brought that poor soul to such a demise. I walked amongst others as they ran in fear from either myself or from the horrors that surrounded us. I not see why they find these things scary, for me they are a way of life…

Something About Jack

What I am wearing:


Outfit ~ Jack Skeleton Avatar (includes basic AO, hat, invisible avatar, Jack Skeleton avatar, and shape) by *VAVIEN Stylish*

Props I am using:

2-prim CLIFF TERRACE bridge sideway by Virtual Nature

Tree with lantern by [MF] MedievalFantasy

Posts and Pier boardwalk + ropes by Jenuwin Designs

Corner_2_Mesh_TerrainMesh and Swamp Tree Foliage by !Pandemonium

Sim Location:

Halloween’s Haunted Trails of Terror

Overall Opinion:

I still searching for the perfect halloween costume. In my search I came across Jack Skeleton by *VAVIEN Stylish* and being one who loves Nightmare Before Christmas, I could not pass this one by. I wore it for a few days trying to work out a few kinks (odd outline around where my eyes should be in my actual shape) and absolutely enjoyed what I was seeing. I did have to change my hover height and bring myself out of the ground. I then took to finding a place to visit to see what sort of comments I would get from others. If you are still looking for a costume, I would suggest trying out this full avatar. I for one will keep it as an option.


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