Beauty at Dusk

I have two times in the day when I find inner peace. The first being when the sun starts to slowly caress the night sky, kissing the dew that has settled upon the grass and leaves. I enjoy this moment for it always means a new days is starting, the events of the day before, wiped clean and learned from. The second is dusk, as the sun sets leaving behind another day that will soon be but a memory. Whether the day was good or bad, dusk means things will soon end a calm will set in and I can begin to heal and find my inner peace.

Setting Sun


What I am wearing:

Dress ~ Anne Dress, Sunshine by NYU
Shoes ~ Hucci Paine Sandal – Midnight by ::HH::
Body ~ Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Maitreya
Skin ~Zara – Jamaica 08 by Glam Affair
Shape ~ Jesse by -Belleza-
Hair ~ Larkin. Dipped Tones by !Oleander (Hairfair 2015 gift)
Eyes ~ Moka Eyes – Sapphire by [Buzz]


Watch ~ Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet plum L (April Wayward Hunt) by Izzie’s

Poses I am using:

Keen 2 by -Lalochezia-

Overall Opinion:

I absolutely adore this dress by NYU. When I first saw it in the store for a recent 50L Friday, I was going to pass it by. I did in fact leave the store and venture on my path seeking some amazing deals, but the dress refused to leave my thoughts. It haunted me as I spent my day doing as I wished. Before logging out for the night I quickly returned to NYU and bought the dress, thinking why not it is only 50L and if I don’t like it nothing much is lost. It is now one of my absolute favourites and I will happily by from NYU again!


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