The House that Stumped Me

Lily Cottage

Oh sweet Lily Cottage, how I adore you.

I had to have you and fought that gacha machine until I gave in and bought you for an extremely lucrative price. I had already spent over 2K on the infernal machine to have you, what more was 1k to actually give up the fight and let the machine win. Though I will admit I may have given it one or ten more pulls before I relented.

I now had you in my hands. I was prepared to decorate you, to love you; to make you mine.

I sought out the best designers of household furniture that would fit into my plans for decorating you small space. I had a vision for what you would look like and could only have the best of what was offered.

Oh sweet Lily Cottage, how I admire your design and vintage feel.

The furniture I purchased was carefully laid out only for me to realize it was over sized; to large to fit within your walls. I was devastated. I refused to believe this was true. I tried different positioning, different placements and different furniture. I refused to give in to the fact that what I chosen would not work within your confines.

I pondered my dilemma with careful calculations. I was determined to bend you to my will to fit the carefully selected and rather large furniture within. I did not want to believe that what I had choose decorate you with just would not work.

Oh sweet Lily Cottage, how I adore you.

I admit I am stumped. I have taken you back into my inventory. Nestled you into a deep slumber of sweet dreams and grandeur. Not forgot and will soon be placed back out once more. You will sleep for now until I can find the proper furniture to fill your inner core with. Perhaps this time my search should start where you were made.

Dust Bunny, here I come!


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