Still Merging

Please bare with me while I continue the migration from my original blog to this one. I originally was planning a direct merger and then decided to but certain items on pages for a smoother transition.

Along the top you find various pages which provide you with insight into what I did prior to January 2015. As well you will find posts merged below post my post on March 17 to this vary blog. I also placed back out once more my time spent Greensboro and the newspaper I had wrote while living within the community; it is after all the reason I left Gor completely and ventured fully into family rp and can be found doing what I do now.

I had hoped that this merger would be completed by now, but as I work on I make changes and put items into a more sequential frame rather then sporadic posts on the same topic – hence why pages are being made, with mundane readings that I am sure many will never read to their end. There are there more for myself as a recount of where I started off and where I am today.



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