Back in January, I made a huge decision that concerned how I viewed my Second Life. I went from either staying at home with my fennux and the occasional rp moment in Gor to exploring other roleplaying options.

I joined a family community with two of my dearest friends. I met new amazing people that I adore and call family. I made new friends and partook in the community life and events.

I started to question previous decisions as I could truly be myself in what I was doing. I was now questioning others actions or the actions I was forced to take based on the rp I was doing. I even wrote about if I should remain in Gor or just leave entirely.

I eventually stopped going. I did not look back nor have any regrets in doing so.

I have found myself within SL.

I am happy.

I am content.

I am fulfilled.

I am where I truly belong.

I am home.

I am in family rp and very proud to admit it. I am making plans and taking steps to fulfill who I am and what I want out if my Second Life!


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