Rasman Cooking System

I do not know how many of you are using the Life Hud to enhance your rp within Second Life, I recently started using it on February 21st. It has taken me nearly a month to get use to it.

I will admit I had some rather embarrassing encounters while wearing the hud. For one I was not aware that if my hygiene meter got low enough that it would make fly noises. I also did not realize that I would walk around breaking wind. I had completely forgot about the meter being on and had removed only the hud *hangs head in shame*. Go a head laugh, I can now say that I have learned that lesson and laugh about it myself.

Like in RL the LIFE Hud requires you to eat and drink. You can purchase LIFE food at the Life store (along with hygiene products and rest items), which has a variety of items for you to purchase – from healthy to junk food and water, juice, pop and yes ever alcohol.

There are several systems that you can use like the Rassay system which offers a variety of food props as well. There is also the Le Bistro set which requires you to purchase a specialty stove. I recently learned how to use the Rasman system. Rasman allows the individual to use any stove to cook a meal.


Each meal requires a set of ingredients in order to prepare the meal. Sometimes you may have to make the required ingredient.

I find that the interactive cooking system provides more to those who are using the LIFE Hud. Makes it a little more real over rezzing out a dish that was already made and just mindlessly clicking until your hud is full for that requirement.

I encourage all LIFE Hud users to take the time and give Rasman a try!


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