Welcome to my World!

My name is Catherine Inaka and I have had the great pleasure of residing in Second Life since 2010. Over the last 5 years I have had some epic adventures and made the most amazing friends, many of which I now call family not just in Second Life, but outside the game as well.

I have also experience an array of emotions, from joy and excitement to tears and extreme anger. Some I shared with others while some were caused by others to the point a friendship was broken. I have seen many come and go and I have learned that I do not enjoy the secrets that come with having more then one avatar.

Over the five years I have also changed and grown. The way I looked changed from the grotesque noob skin and shape you are given to various shapes and skins bought over the years. With my most recent acquisition being the mesh body that caused me to acquire a new skin.

My plans have changed for The Collective Musings of Cat into something different then what you have seen prior. I will be blogging the items I enjoy and the clothing I wear. If it tickles my fancy and grabs my attention you will be sure to find it here. For now I leave you to enjoy whatever you may find here and else where in the cyber world.



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