My Time in Greensboro

January 6, 2015

I woke today filled with happiness and great joy. My brother had recently shared with me that he was going to propose to love of his life. I couldn’t be happier. We had all been long time friends and seeing these two together filled me with great joy. I spent my day trying to find the most perfect outfit to wear to the special occasion since he had asked me to attend.

The time arrived for us to gather in a special location that had been carefully constructed for my brother by one of Mira’s children. Everyone stood around talking waiting for Mira to arrive. Excitement filled the air and I had no idea how she could not tell something was up.

This was my first visit to Greensboro. A new community, filled with beauty and some already amazing people.

January 12, 2015

I returned once more to Greensboro for their grand opening celebration. Much had been planned for everyone to enjoy. I spent my time with my family dancing and watching as they participated in events. As things were beginning to wind down, a call came in about a house fire and everyone raced off to see what was happening.

My brother had been spending less and less time at our family home and was now staying mostly at Mira’s house. Her daughter Tuesday was a delight to be around, so full of energy.

Soon after I moved into their basement and decided that I did not want to be a freeloader. I took up writing the newspaper for Greensboro.

Greensboro Gazette – Jan 20

Greensboro Gazette – Jan 27

Greensboro Gazette – Feb 3

Greensboro Gazette – February 10

Greensboro Gazette – February 17

Greensboro Gazette – Feb 24

Greensboro Gazette – March 3

Greensboro Gazette – March 10

March 13 2015

I have decided to leave Greensboro. While I love the people there, my heart is with my family. They are no longer happy and that in turn makes me unhappy. I will venture with them to new places and make new memories.



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