Mesh Mess!

I have never made it a secret how I am not a fan of mesh clothing. I can never get it to fit right and often have to wear the extra large outfit for my tiny frame. Or I find myself altering my shape just to make each individual outfit fit me right.

It’s sad really.

Many of the outfits are lovely and I still buy them in hopes that there will be a magical fix and that I will eventually come to love the mesh clothing and that I will embrace them openly.

I had a long time friend proudly show off her mesh body and head a few months back. It made laugh as she was having issues getting it just right and how she wanted it to look.  Her skin was not rezzing and she had a gapping hole in her body until she relogged. She was grey for a good majority of the visit until she finally popped and was visible.

I vowed mesh was not for me. I would never own a mesh body!

Boy I could not be more wrong….

My dear brother decided to bless me with a gift on January 7th before I logged out to venture off to dream world.

It was a mesh body.

Commence head hanging.

I will admit the body and shape are gorgeous and I fell in love with it. The issue I am having with it is the skin colour.

I do not want to match the skin by buying a different one. I want my skin to match what I have and love! Right now when I wear the mesh body you clearly see a division of body parts upon my neck.

Personally I do not find the decapitation look gorgeous. I find it horrifying.

Having asked others what they think about it, they all agree that there is a clear and very noticeable line. To the point they take pictures to show me what they see even though I already see it.

I have joined a group that I will utilize in hopes they will be able to aid in my plight.

Do you see what is happening?

I am becoming a mesh supporter all because my brother took the plunge and gave me no excuses but to try the new.


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