In 2013, I was introduced to a reality altering sim. One filled with visual imagery that left you in awe. You were thrust into a world so outside the norm that you found yourself captivated by the scenes you were exposed to and hoping that in the end all would be fine for the poor people in the tale.

Imogen and the Pigeons was my first experience into the world and mind of the very talented Bryn Oh. A fellow Canadian and Ontarian. A mere 45 minute drive from my home could allow me to see her real life oil paintings. I spent many days trying to walk that self building walk way, only to plummet to the ground like a noob learning how to walk for the first time. I took a ride on the flying chair and climbed the staircase around the silo. I made it to the main location and embarked on my journey through the asylum and other attractions. I will also admit that I being a keen one stood to soon and fell to the ground, while my partner and real life husband made it further through the art work than I did.

Sadly I did not take any pictures of Imogen and the Pigeons, other than the following.

Dom and I taking a rest.
Dom and I taking a rest.

My husband had stepped away from the computer while we were in the Rapists room and while I waited for his return, I took a seat on the chaise and had him do the same so he did not look lost just standing in the room alone. I wish I would have explored this environment more when I had free time.

I did however share my joy for virtual platforms as an expression for art, with a group of high school students I had the pleasure of teaching. I explained to the students how Bryn Oh was creating immersive works of art in Second Life. I told them how it was funded by our Art Council and that it was a must see sim. Armed with just my cell phone, I showed them various areas that I could get to and longed to have a laptop with outside internet connectivity. The students were impressed with the new form of artistic impression and the fact that I attend an online conference that discusses the use of Virtual Worlds in the classroom (something I hope one day will been permitted in my own classroom).

Now, I sit here at my computer having just spent several days in Bryn Oh’s new adventure Singularity of Kumiko.

Singularity of Kumiko_001

Until recently, I had not taken pictures of my time in this story trying to figure out what happened Kumiko. I had visited the display several times and just wondered around looking each location, finding the bottle and listening to the sounds and often I was killed by something that had an eerie red glow around it. I would be teleported back home before I even knew what was happening to me. I would shrug it off and return back to the story and venture in further only to have the same thing occur.

Recently during one of many visits over the past three days did I catch a glimpse of the thing attacking me. A decrepit looking rabbit attached to a jack in the box type apparatus. It is my goal to actually capture this intriguing creature in a photo since it did kill me off so many times.

Singularity of Kumiko_029

Please note that I captured a picture of the creature on November 10th only after changing my settings to Midday to see what the sim really looked like with the sun shining (so to speak). I then noticed that my heath meter was going down and quickly snapped the picture. Other wise there would have been an eerie red glow about the bunny, sadly in this light the rabbit does not look very appealing. I will attempt to find the creature known as Mr. Zippers in the dark to do him better justice.

Singularity of Kumiko_030
Singularity of Kumiko_031

I began to feel like a predator hunting down the elusive Mr. Zippers, I began to wonder the sim looking every where. He chased me up a grassy hill and did not persue me further. After that he would pass by quickly as if he had lost even the slightest interest in causing me any ounce of harm. Was it because I had run after noticing him and being close to death had escaped his touch? I was able to capture his image twice as depicted here. Though the eerie glow is missing, he now seems harmless.

This was taken under a different light setting as it was changing back to what Bryn Oh had intended to be viewed as.
This was taken under a different light setting as it was changing back to what Bryn Oh had intended to be viewed as.

I was able to capture several images for my adventures through each visual piece, reading the messages in the bottle, looking at each minute detail and noticing that there were many elements from Imogen and the Pigeons (Imogen’s bed, Chalk fingers, Ginger Float and I believe Juniper to name a few). I even took some time to sit upon items that allowed me to do so.

Now I strongly suggest that before you venture any further in my post, that you take some time to go and visit Immersiva for yourself. The following photos will be a spoiler of sorts for those of you who want to experience the thrilling mind trip one will take while trying to figure out what is actually going on. Something I am still trying to figure out since I realized what the shape was that I kept seeing when going down the entrance to the attraction (what I am now fondly calling the rabbit hole, or would it be entering the mind of the artist?)

Please note that you will have only a short time to visitSingularity of Kumiko as Bryn Oh has announced she will be taking it down. Until then, I will keep visiting and then wait longingly for the next exhibit to open.

For now I leave you to either view the pictures that I am now going to hold onto as sacred mementos or allow you to go and see for yourself the creative works of Bryn Oh!

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Again if you have not already done so, I implore you to go and see for yourself what waits beyond the red door! Immersiva.


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