Every once and awhile….

I become bored in SL.

Yes, you read that correctly, every so often (though it is very rare) I get bored. I will sit and look at the fennux around me and have nothing new from them, have no hunts lined up and currently with no rping happening as I am not a member of any homestones, I get bored.

Not so long ago, boredom set it.

As a result, I found a photo booth in a delightful sim.

You know the ones, where you sit in the little booth either alone or cram as many of your friends into it and make hilarious faces that only your mother could love. Once you are finished you jump out of the booth and claim that little photo strip with about three to four pictures on it.

Here are my results from self-entertainment.

Ponderings_003 Ponderings_004 Ponderings_005 Ponderings_006 Ponderings_007 Ponderings_008

I took sometime to also visit the rest of the sim and found some lovely spots to just sit, relax and ponder what I will do next.

A lovely stump to sit on, which also displays a lovely wardrobe malfunction.
A chaise bench, which I would love to personally own.

If you wish to visit this location yourself Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest is where you want to venture.


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