Epic Toy Factory

I do not write about a store location specifically, but I felt this was needed and decided to make an exception to my unwritten rule.

I absolutely adore The Epic Toy Factory. Words cannot express the delight and excitement I get at the mere notion that I get knowing that in a favourite hunt this store will be participating. I make it a point to visit this location often, even without hunting to see what new creations are being offered.

Often I find myself immersed in the new adventures that await customers, hunters and those who are easily distracted like myself. I praise Tinker Toy and her amazing creativity. Over the years, I have seen many new adventures in her shop and sim.

I have shopped. I have hunted and I have rode a dragon and ventured in the tardis.

I become apart of the story being woven before me. I loose all track of time. I forget about the hunts and whatever I had come to look for.

I dare you to go and see what story is being told now at The Epic Toy Factory. During my last visit, I sat and a delightful cup of tea with the Mad Hatter.

Epic Toys_001 Epic Toys_002 Epic Toys_004Epic Toys_003


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