Last month, when I found out about the Sinister Steampunk Hunt taking place I was overjoyed and rushed out to get working on it before it ended. I love this hunt…. This year though, I was faced with great disappointment.

I prepare for a hunt by removing all clothing and huds that use scripts to reduce my own lag. I use the in viewer animator over wearing hud as well. I did just that on the day I realized the hunt was taking place. I chose an outfit with all the scripts removed, shoes with no scripts, removed my Fennux hud, made sure I was using the in viewer animation override and even changed my hair to make sure there were no scripts.

I prepared to hunt with great fierceness and complete as much as I possibly could. I went to the starting location, got the first clue and searched the store. I found the item and prepared to go to the next location only to be directed to use their out of world blog over the provided landmarks.

Fair enough, I pushed this minor hiccup out of my thoughts and did not allow it to frustrate me or deter my enthusiasm for the hunt. I trudged through the clicking back and forth only to be faced with disappointment after disappointment.

Locations were not ready or no longer participating even though the blog stated it was up to date. Locations that I visit frequently had hunt signs out and prizes out for the eager hunter, but were not listed on the blog. I became frustrated and upset, more so disappointed.

In the end, after having clicked on each link provided on the blog (yes I even chose to try the in world landmarks provided in the prizes themselves) and only getting a handful of the items, I gave up. I stopped returning to the stores that were not ready, the stores that had signs up but no prizes, even the stores that I regularly shop at I did not search for the prize.

For the first time ever, I was disappointed in a hunt.


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