Pondered Thoughts


As I sit here, enjoying the breeze under my willow tree, while listening to the chirps from my fennux and the crashing of waves upon the rocks in the ocean, I ponder many unique elements of my life, the things I miss and the people I have met.

I ponder where those in the past have gone, where they are today and if they are well and even in SL.

I ponder what advancements will be made in the future, that will change the way I enjoy my time in SL.

I ponder where my adventures will take me.

I ponder who I will meet and if they will be around later in the future, or become but a memory in my past.

As I sit here, under my willow tree, listening to the chirps from my fennux I recall the other pets I have tried my hand at. The bunnies to which I said I would only have one and soon became a hoard. The meeroos that I bought, thinking I would give them a try only to have four and then later set them free. I recall how long I had each of them with great fondness and realize suddenly that I have had my fennux far longer.


I recall where I came from to where I am today.

I think about the people who have helped me along the road and who I know cherish not only in SL but in RL. I worry not only about their avi, but the person on daily basis. I not only talk to them in SL, but now in RL about every day things that I do not talk to most on SL about. They have become part of who I am.

I ponder the notion of many who say that “SL and RL do not mix” how silly this sounds when I think back on how individuals have shaped my character in game and have affected me outside of SL on deeper level.

As I sit here, under my willow tree, listening to the waves hitting the rocks, I am reminded of why I came to SL and why I remain.

Is it to escape the reality of RL or to expand upon it?

In time, I am sure I will have answers to my ponderings.

Right now, I ponder mostly if I will be able to return to role-playing as I so long to do and miss terribly.


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