Steampunk Hunt Complete

Another month has ended and with it so has the Steampunk hunt. I have yet to go through my goodies and treasures, which I am sure will be inspiring and delightful to view and use.

I visited some lovely locations, but was left unimpressed with the Sims and store shops for the most part. I had high expectations for the hunt as in the past it was always challenging to complete. This time it felt like the creators really could not be bothered to hide the item and give the hunter a challenge.

I did have my favourites though, and for the most part it is always the same sims that I adore visiting. I was saddened to see that my favourite shop, Epic Toys, was not participating this round. I did not take pictures this time as there really was nothing that caught my eye.

For now I leave you to carry on with your day. Perhaps what I will do is take pictures of the hunt gifts and what my views are of them and then share these with you.


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