This time last year I started beta testing a cute little breedable pet called the Fennux. After beta testing finished and they went live I have not stopped breeding this little fellas.

This creature looks like a fox and is absolutely the cutest breedable pet I have had thus far since joining SL.

I have dabbled in bunnies (I still uave the very first bunny I got, along with many others). Which I said I would noy go crazy over and in the end I had over 100 of the things (oops).

I even tried breeding meeroos (these I did not keep and set them free instead). But found this to be annoying and did not go past the four I had.

Now these fennux have taken over my home. I have in total 6 homes and each has 8 paired fens breeding for a total of 45 days and then live up to 50 days until they retire. Some I keep, some I sell and others I send them on their to better pastures (so to speak… I eternal merge them… in a sense I kill them off).


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