Should one be Bored in their Home Stone?

Funny how in rp we search out places that are interesting to us, a place that needs us, a place that has daily interactions and a place that keeps our interest going.

I do this every time I search for a new Home Stone. I look for one that has a diverse group of people. One that has continuous rp. One that has people about all the time to rp with. One that keeps you interested.

I thought I had found this. First impression of the city was that it was gorgeous. Small amount of people but it was newly opened and I was up for the challenge. I was interested in watching this city grow.

I joined the city and soon people started leaving. A pet peeve of mine is to have people in a group but never in the city to rp. Even worse is that they are there but do not leave their home.

Since joining the city I have become bored. I do not enjoy the rp or rather the lack thereof. Sure people are about but you must search for them and when you find them, they maintain a staring contest of wills. No one is talking and you left wondering if they are afk or lost in private messages.

Last night I sat in the city cafe for an hour with no interaction from anyone. I was bores to tears. I wondered around and found people afk.

Now I write this post and wonder, should I slip away quietly into the night and forget this city forever. Or do I tell them my reasons for leaving.

Shame for the city is lovely!


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