Sinister Steampunk Hunt Review

Sinister Steampunk Hunt_001

I do not normally take the time to write a review about a hunt I completed. Usually I just post interesting pictures from stores I visited during the hunt that made me stop to look further at what the store or sim was offering.

For example one store, which I visit quite often during Steampunk hunts had this strategically placed upon their floor and it was a … umm … ok … a what the hell moment that had me chuckling and thinking poor guy.

WTF Momment in Sl_002

Interestingly enough, I watched others walk past it as if they did not notice a thing. I decided to see if it was interactive and much to my delight it was, as evident in the next image.

WTF Momment in Sl_003

I love when stores take the time and are creative and make you forget about the hunt completely!

Back to what this post was meant to do, review the Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3.

Rag Dollz_001

Hosted by Rag Dollz for the third time, the hunt had 43 participants. Four were listed as “Skip” for various reasons. One store was no longer there, another store said to skip no item was out but yet I found the hunt item, and the other two had nothing out not even a hunt sign. Fair enough, this is better then some hunts I have participated in where there have been 10 or more stores drop out.

The hunt ran from August 1-31 across various sims, with many amazing creators participating. You have clothing, jewelry and even texture creators participating. Something for everyone.

The following are the gifts given at each location

1. Rag Dollz

Rag Dollz - Abduction Engineer_001 Rag Dollz - Abduction Engineer_003

Rag Dollz always gives some sort of outfit. I was hoping that Rag Dollz was going to put some cool dress ensemble and must admit that I was a little disappointed to see pants. I love Rag Dollz gowns and will find some way to make this outfit work for me. Or I will end up not using it and allowing it to grow dust in a deep dark corner of my inventory.

2. Texture Junction

Texture Junction - Steampunk Mysteries_001

Never a disappointment with Texture Junction. These textures have already inspired some creativity that I was long needing. I often use textures to inspire my creativity.

3. Scultify – No longer in the hunt

4. Chaos, Panic and Disorder

Chaos Panic and Pain

This strongly reminds me of Nightmare on Elm Street. Having a hard time finding its place within steampunk when all I see is a half burned man welding them at unsupecting youth.

5. Land of Nod

The Land of Nod_001

Oh Land of Nod, your gifts truly are unique. Not to mention your store is always an adventure. This time you had me playing the murder victim with delight. This artillary device may be interesting, but again something that may quickly become lost in my inventory.

6. Cog & Fleur

Cog and Fleur_001

This ensemble has me thinking of Sweeney Todd’s partner in crime Mrs. Lovett. Would makr a fun Halloween costume if strategically placed with suspicius meat pies.

7. Unrepentant – A mesh full perm spells book

Not sure what I will do with this mesh kit, perhaps I can create some amazing spellbooks that my friend would use in her builds. Still trying to work out the connection to steampunk with this gift though.

8. The Vintage Touch

The Vintage Touch_001

Chase loungers are one of my favourite things to build and sit on. I can honestly say it makes up the bulk of my household furniture. It does have the epic Victoria era feel which is fantastic, but seems more gothic to me rather than Steampunk.

9. An Lema

An Lema_001

The curio cabinet is cute, but the little telescope tickles my fancy the most! Will definitally find its place within my home.

10. Jinxe Toys

Jinxed Toys_001

The gear fountain comes in two sizes, small and large. Both will be a great addition to any garden. As Steampunk would find the gears within the build, this fountains use of moving gears is a little impractical as there is no means to actually making them move.

11. NeoVictoria – Mesh corset for ladies (I did not pick up the gift for the men)

12. Frutie Cuties

Frutie Cutie

A cute little burlesque outfit. I can see myself wearing the hat but the rest more than likely not. Considering how I feel about mesh this ensamble is useless to me.

13. Timeles Textures

Timeless Textures_001

Always love Timeless Textures’ textures. I cannot wait to put these into use.

14. Zoe’s Garden

*More to come as I open more items*

15. Science and Art



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