Mesh Clothing

I am a creature of habit and a very loyal supporter of the creators clothing that I love. I encourage innovation and progress to methods of creative expression. Though I am slow to warm up to change, I eventually get on the band wagon and go along with main stream fashion trends and building trends.

Mesh though is a very sore area for me. Mesh building tools I can use even though they retain the creators name. Mesh hair has some advantages that I have come to like and now own a few mesh hair styles.


I draw the line at mesh clothes.

My avatar is far from a large figure so why must I wear a large mesh dress, shirt or pants? Not to mention the gaps created by the alpha layer. *sigh*

Is it just the creators I am wearing currently or do I need to branch out and try other mesh clothing creators?

I am also having a hard time with rigid look and cold feel of mesh clothing. I find the non movement of mesh clothing distracts from the real feeling of the clothing. Sure there is definition and the outfits look lovely, but I find mesh clothing lack personality.

I am not critizing creators who use mesh for their clothes. Just my personal taste enjoys the flow and look of prims or sculpts. On that note, I do wear the occasional mesh outfit if I can get it look right but still a large size for my little avi. I would hate to see what a bigger figured avi looks like in mesh.


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