Gorean Role Play ~ Background Stories

I have been busy revising, editing and making changes to some of my pages on here. As a result I have combined pages into Chapters that take place as my rp transpires based on different phases in my rp. As a result, I have included the background stories that I created for my character at each turn. These changes will go live sometime this week once I can get on my desktop and off the mobile phone.

Background Stories: An Explanation

A key element to developing one’s character is the background story you share with others in role play. Each person has a unique history that they weave into the life of each Home Stone and individual they encounter. No two stories are ever alike not even amongst family members.

These stories shape who we are, where we come from, how we behave and hiw others will react toward us. We share our story either openly or covertly dropping hints through body language and chosen words.Twice my story has changed and as I write this page, my story is about to change yet again. Some elements will remain, but for the most part my entire story will become new. In rp the background it will appear and unfold as I weave my tale into the reality of others around me.

I will share the first two background stories I had prior, but the current one is still in the writing phase and not ready for the unveiling. I leave you here to read my tale in the first two chapters of my adventures in Gor.


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