A decision made….

After being out of rp for almost a month and a half, I made a very tough decision. I decided to leave Sais and step down as their Historian. I will miss writing their newspaper biweekly, but I needed to leave in order to find my place and happiness once more in my Gor rp.

Many events had taken place that aided in my choice both in rp and in rl. I will not disclose what occurred in rl, but rp wise I watched as friends and family left the village. I have no ill words or feelings toward Sais. I left on good terms and on my own. Perhaps one day I will return; who knows what will happen in the future.

For now all I can say is that it has been a month and a half of no Gor FW robes of concealment, but my Earth clothes, tail and ears once more. For now I am enjoying down time as I sort out what I want to do rp wise. Things are changing, of that I am sure. How much will I change? I do not know.

My options are endless. I could rewrite my entire story and start over fresh. I have not decided yet. Some changes have already taken place and I am very pleased and happy with the current two additions I have made.

For now, I leave you all in wonder of what is to come. I am going to continue working on my blog and adding my stories. I am nearly finished with Selnar. The Home Stone I miss dearly.



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