New page goes Live

Today, I sat down and looked over the blog yet again.

Not happy with some things, I moved around further pages and combined pages together. Everything that had to do with THE FREE WOMAN, has now been moved to one page instead of three different pages. No longer will you read The Beginning, Finding a New Home Stone and Catherine gains a Family in three different pages, but you read them all on one page.

I also moved everything that had to do with Temos, Telnus and my Journey to Selnar to one page. I did this because all of it took place while I was still living in Temos. For me it only made sense to have it this way.

Lastly, I moved my handing out Grand Opening invites to the page Life in Selnar, which you will now notice is over on the side bar. What I have wrote so far is there. This page will be worked on and updated as I find time to so.

I hope you enjoy, what I am sharing so far.

As a side note, if you visit ~ The Sais Chronicle ~ you will now notice that I have place adult restrictions on the blog. I did this because I began to worry about young ones, venturing onto the page and having some very unhappy parental units when their offspring told them of a page they were looking at.


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