A busy week

I must apologize for the lack of posting this week. My real life job has kept me busy and away from the computer for extended periods of time. Not really conducive to allowing one to blog all the things she had planned. What it did allow me to do though, was get my ideas written down on paper and revised and rewritten to do the posting justice.

I have entire pages written and ready to be posted here for your reading pleasure. I have a page dedicated to just pictures of Selnar. My lost but never forgotten role playing Home Stone.

I am now in Sais; finding my path in a new Home Stone. Struggling to be useful but I will not give up. I am determined to be the villages Historian, which means I create a biweekly newspaper for the citizens, Library and archives.

I have also been exploring various sims and taking pictures of amazingly mind blowing scenes. I have a review of one sim, that I am sure many will enjoy visiting.

Until I can sneak in a few minutes to just sit and type, there will be new gems for you to read over, I wish you all well.



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