Funny things happen while in an Adult Playground

Every so often Second Life likes to mess with your head and do some pretty funny things to.

An example of this is the first Home Stone Ceremony held in Selnar. On my screen the Ubar was fully dressed, but on my rp mother’s screen she saw a bare tush. We shared a laugh and she claimed it was the Priest Kings way of keeping her happy.


Another example of SL playing tricks on people occurred while I was trying to join a group of citizens I had been talking with in the Arena for drinks in the Pavilion. I could see their chat and I could see them, until they sat at the table and then they disappeared and all I saw was what they were saying. No one believed me, until I took this picture and showed them.


Sometimes it not always an issue on Second Life’s end, sometimes the funny things that happen in the playground are brought on by those who play in the playground. An example of this occurred when one of our very own members showed up in an outfit that was non gorean and clearly for another form of rp. It was a moment of “What in the world are you thinking?!”

MaakMaak 1

Another example of the odd things people do in Second Life concerns the female form. As seen by this poor avi, who will have massive back problems later on. What posses a person to do this, boggles my mind and if I were braver, I would ask.

boobs Got Boobs__

And then there are people who dress their avi in odd costumes and go around to rp sims dressed completely out of the expected, disobey playground rules for the fun of it and take the liberty to do as they please while in the playground. These two came in dressed like a creepy rabbit and I do not know what the other thing is. The walked around the city and sat in the tavern.

rabbit_001 rabbit_002

Even I slip up at times. Teach me for showing my Companion what the slave beds do. He was making fun of my choice of slave bed, calling them pet beds and spoiling the slaves. I said, look this is what it does and hopped in and he took the following picture. It was a good laugh and I have no problem sharing my slip ups in the playground. I really should remember that my Companion is picture happy and ready to pounce at any moment he can.



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