Free Companionship – The Gorean Marriage

There is no greater bond than seeing to Free people commit themselves to each other, even if it was only for a year in some cases. I have had the great fortune of overseeing two amazing couples in Gor join in Free Companionship. Each ceremony is uniquely different depending on the Free man and the Free woman entering into such a companionship.

The very first ceremony I performed was for a very dear friend. I will remember the day with great fondness.

February 14, valentines day. I woke from my furs and had not fully woken yet, when Lady Hope asked me to oversee her companionship renewal. The arena was decorated to symbolize the day, friends and family gathered and I stood in front of the pair, nervous. It brought me great joy to see their companionship renewed, for the 17th year.

Waiting for the couples guests to arrive, I dressed in my best themed gown for the couple

The second ceremony I performed happened more recently.

April 1, some thought it was an April’s Fools joke. Nothing could make this couple joke about something so serious. I performed their ceremony in front of their guests and watched on as the couple shared their love with all who attended. I joined together Davion and Lady Elizabeth.


The scene was set, couple was companioned and they went off to celebrate!
The scene was set, couple was companioned and they went off to celebrate!

The following below are quotes on Free Companionship from John Norman’s books.


“There is no marriage as we know it on Gor, but there is the institution of free companionship, which is its nearest correspondent. More commendably, a free woman may herself, of her own free will, agree to be such a companion. Such relationships are not entered into lightly, and they are normally sundered only by death.” —Outlaw of Gor, p 54


“Drink with me the cup of the Free Companionship,” said Relius, rather sternly.
“Yes, Master,” said Virginia, “yes!”
“Relius,” said he.
“I love you!” she cried. “I love you, Relius!”
“Bring the wine of Free Companionship!” decreed Marlenus.
The wine was brought and Relius and Virginia, lost in one another’s eyes, arms interlocked, drank together.
He carried her from the court of the Ubar, she lying against him, weeping with happiness.
There were cheers in the court of the Ubar.

Assassin of Gor; p. 402


In certain cities, in connection with the free companionship, the betrothed or pledged beauty may wear eight veils, several of which are ritualistically removed during various phases of the ceremony of companionship; the final veils, and robes, of course, are removed in private by the male who, following their removal, arms interlocked with the girl, drinks with her the wine of the companionship, after which he completes the ceremony. This sort of thing, however, varies considerably from city to city. In some cities the girl is unveiled, though not disrobed, of course, during the public ceremony. The friends of the male may then express their pleasure and joy in her beauty, and their celebration of the good fortune of their friend.

Slave Girl of Gor; p. 107


There is no freer nor higher nor more beautiful woman,” I said, “than the Gorean Free Companion.
Nomads of Gor, Page 290


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