A Hunting I will Go!

Every once and awhile a hunt comes a long that I like to do. Sometimes one is suggested to me. As is the case, I just completed the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. Why do I do that hunts? The gifts are wonderful to collect, but I go to see what is offered by each creator and often, I find the most amazing sims that draw me and I tend to forget about the hunt item itself.

Mittelalter Rollenspiel is one location on this hunt that I was in awe over. How people can create such tiny prims has always fascinated me. This area was filled with little house, tiny furniture and people that actually were tiny like fairies. How they do it I will never know. The place was amazing to look at.Mittelalter Rollenspiel mini_001

Above is a little tepee which had inside little people standing around a fire. Right is a barrel on the stream along with mushrooms. The barrel is the home of an avatar. Below, is a toadstool which again is the home of an avatar. Interestingly enough there were many of these little homes for rent in this area.

Mittelalter Rollenspiel mini1_001 Mittelalter Rollenspiel mini2_001

RVi Designs is a store that I visit quite often after coming through on numerous other hunts. Each visit has me wonder around to each location to see what has changed and what still remains the same.

RVi Designs_001

Above, is a view of the main store, the pond which you can explore its secrets, the Garden, the tree house and part of the Castle. To the left is the garden area, and a view of the smiths home. Below, is the Library and books scattered under the stairway.

RVi Designs1_001 RVi Designs2_001

As I explore more areas, I will be posting pictures and blogs about what I come across. This is after all part of my adventures in SL in and out of role play.



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