The Blog Changes

I started to re-create this blog just before Christmas. Several times I stopped writing, removed items that I had wrote and started fresh with a different title. At first, I was going to write only about the Port City of Selnar where I rp a Gorean Free Woman and have other members of my city contribute articles and stories. I then decided to write about my view of Gor as a Free Woman, my adventures, down falls and experiences. I moved around items, added pages and wrote about my Gorean Life. I had a main page where I would post new entries about Life in Selnar.

Today I decided to do something different.

Gor is not just who I am. I am a mirage of different elements within Second Life. All of which contribute to my daily enjoyment. Over the next few days some changes will be made and as they are, I will post them here.

For now, I will focus on changing the way my page is laid for my Gorean identity.

I have decided to take a look back at where Catherine started and where she has come to, in her Second Life Adventures.

Expect a lot to be posted here, for I do love to share my adventures!


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