2012 in Review

This has been one wild year, full of ups and downs and lots of real life emotions.

In March I returned to Gor at the request of a friend. She asked me to play her daughter and I was over the moon with joy. We ventured around home stones until we found one that fit us perfectly.

At the time I had started selling a clothing line by another creator and was in the process of building my store that would house their glorious creations.

I was even trying my hand at meeroos which I could not get into. I had no issues with setting them free and still have some of their nests sitting on market place hoping to find their own forever homes.

During one rp session in Temos a friend had arrived in the city and had asked me to come and get her from the kennels. I did as she had asked and even gave the story she instructed me to give. Much to my dismay she acted as if she had no clue who I was nor what I was talking about. This reduced me to RL anger and upset to the point I was histarical in RL and there was nothing my husband could do to calm me down. I swore I would stay away from the kennels and avoid the Slavers.

I realized then that there were times I had to remove myself from the situation and find my inner piece before it affected me in RL to this extent again.

Interestingly in a turn of events, those very Slavers became close friends of mine as I joined them in a city that they built on their own.

For more of my time in Gor you can read the tab I have compiled up at the top.

Now I sit here once more with another year coming to a close and I am attending a New Years event with in SL with my husband as he has made his return to the game and Gor once  more.


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