A Look Back at 2010

On January 15, 2010 after several days that turned into months of talking about a virtual world with a friend while playing another game, I relented and joined Second Life.

I was overwhelmed by everything and I am not afraid to admit that. It is funny how looking back on things how much I have changed within SL over a brief period of time. I went from this horrible looking noob in a day with freebies that were given to me by others or by visiting freebie malls. I also spent a lot of time hitting MM boards to gain coveted items that they held.

While my tiny circle of one told me I looked fantastic, I was really hideous and no one was telling me this. Those free skins really were horrible and the clothing made me look nothing more like a 2 bit hooker.

I eventually made more friends. One of wish I grew so close with she became a rl friend who I chairs dearly. Sadly though rl took her away from SL and if she has been back I have no idea.

A few months into my SL adventures I convinced my rl husband to join as well. He took to coming to the club with me and enjoyed boxing and looking at various sims. We made a home within SL and we were even partnered together in a Medieval themed wedding (something he had wanted in rl and I never let it happen).

Mutual friends of ours joined Gor and I took over co-owning the sim, clubs, modeling school and magazine. A falling out though caused me to leave and never return.

I turned my attention towards building and joined Learn Avatar on a full time basis. I was learning to build and also teaching classes to help others learn how to build. I wish I had time to attend classes in blender and clothing design. I became head master of Spooky which had at most 5 members who never did anything  I then moved up to themeless which had a very large active group.

At the same time, I am bunny obsessed and have possibly over 200 hundred of the fur balls. I sell them if you are interested. I had promised that I would never have more then 1 bunny but now I have a mad army of bunnies.

I have even tried my had at Gor. Something I am not really comfortable doing but my friends and husband enjoy it so I will stick with it.

Sadly, rl has also taken my husband from SL as his work load has increased.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


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